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Menu of the week

Every lunchtime, our team makes every effort to satisfy you and always offers you two menus of the day, from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Do not hesitate to contact us at 021 683 07 07

Week 19

from May 9 to May 13

Wednesday May 10

Jeudi 1er juin

Menu 1

Menu 1

Old fashioned chicken cutlet

Spaghetti aux morilles


23,50 CHF

Menu 2

Menu 2

Spaghetti with morels

Rôti de porc d'épaule

servi avec frites et légumes du jour.

servi avec galette de rösti et légumes du jour


20,50 CHF

Friday May 12

Menu 1

Meunières perch fillet

served with natural potatoes, vegetables 
and tartar sauce


Menu 2

Fusilli Carbonara

servi avec riz et légumes du jour


Origin of meat

Chicken: Switzerland IP/ Horse :Canada/ Beef, Pork, Veal:Swiss/ Lamb :Australia, New Zealand

Origin of the fish

Cod, Colin: Wild Trawl Iceland / Tuna:West Central Pacific hook line / Scallops:Fresh MSC USA /

Salmon: Norway /  Lotte :Britain

All prices include 7.7% VAT. 

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